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Brand new buddy movie challenge!

August 29th, 2008 by · 92 Comments

Ladies and gentlemen, when I begged you to create a Drew Carey / Sir Ian McKellen movie, you did not fail me. Ditto when I was in sore need of a Jean-Claude Van Damme / Havey Fierstein vehicle.

But this — THIS, my friends — is the biggest one yet….




Yes, those very same Hollywood suits have demanded that I come up with a buddy movie idea for rapper / chef Coolio and the guy who played Denethor in RETURN OF THE KING. And I need it SO soon that by the time I finish typing this sentence, it needs to be on my desk! (…Damn, I finished that sentence — where is it!?!)

Same rules apply as ever:

    50 words or less; no porn; no monkeys over 50 lbs; no cameos by Kid Rock. Though those last two rules are redundant, of course.

    Oh, and Donny Most MUST have a substantial role, or the money people will not only cancel the project, but they’ll have me beaten severely. (And yes, they are allowed to do that, by law.)

One key to success: a buddy film, according to The Complete Film Dictionary, is “a film that features the friendship of two males as the major relationship”.

In this case, those two males are Coolio and the guy who played Denethor in RETURN OF THE KING, hmmkay? So the main event is the relationship between Coolio and T.G.W.P.D.I.R.O.T.K, whatever you want to do with it.

A decision will be made by 11:59.59 PM EST, Tuesday 9/2/2008.



Donny Most


kid rock


Leave your pitch in comments below. Go go go go move move move move go peeeeeople go move go!

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