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BAD SONG OF THE WEEK*: I Kissed a Girl.

September 15th, 2008 by · 35 Comments

It started with my niece Laurel, and now all of my nieces and nephews are using their aural youthiness to identify the songs which most compel them to perceive the world as a horrible place.  This week’s offering:

KATY PERRY: I Kissed a Girl


It was inevitable that this song would hit the BSOtW list eventually; so now, before summer officially wanes, is your chance to help us put to bed the Bad Song of the Summer**. To the one,  all of my nieces have declared this song annoying, not because they were offended in any way, or because of any sense of cultural prudishness or sexual/social orientation.  That’s the beauty of bad music: it reaches across all cultural boundaries and annoys everyone.However, I feel bad for Katy Perry, who will have to sing this song at least ten thousand times before she dies.

*Not necessarily posted weekly.
**This song barely squeaked by Kid Rock’s All Summer Long.

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