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Facebook Lexicon Detective Work

September 22nd, 2008 by · 56 Comments

Facebook Lexicon is a new amazing way to waste time.  Search terms provide a graph of the frequency of a term showing up on Facebook “Wall Posts”.  It’s fun to compare certain ones, and when strange spikes appear it’s interesting to try and pinpoint how come.  My friend Praveen has been going nuts on it and we made some interesting discoveries:

Drunk vs hungover

Drunk in blue, hungover in orange.  Major downspike on Christmas, with the uptick in both soon to follow on New Years.  You can see it peaking each weekend as well.


I was happy to see the April 17th spike for “high five” on National High Five Day

slutty nurse angel devil cat

Slutty, Nurse, Angel, Devil and Cat all peak around Halloween.  Lexicon unfortunately does not link to examples.

Burrito Chipotle

As do burrito and chipotle.  Some research reveals that Chipotle has a policy of giving free burritos to anyone dressed as a burrito.  Twice this month the local Chipotle gave away burritos to anyone with a zoo membership or a library card and the lines were out the door.  Earning the free five dollar burrito took at least half an hour, and I’d do it again, dammit.

moo meow oink

Moo, Meow and Oink are shown above.  Lots of slutty cats are presumably the reason for the Halloween Meow spike.  Oink trails far behind both of the other animal sounds, except for a few days before Halloween, when Facebook users en masse lamented the dearly departed torrent mecca Oink’s Pink Palace


The graph for “pregnant”.  The December spike comes from Jamie Lynn’s announcement. The April one had us a bit more confused until we zoomed in to the exact date and realized it was the product of hundreds of April Fool’s Day Pregnancy announcements.  Amazing.


I thought the graph for Dead might turn up a similar rash of hoaxes, but it only shows one spike on 1/22: Heath Ledger.

indy colts

Indy and Colts graphed here.  Colts spikes for two big losses, vs the Patriots and Chargers, but Indy takes over mid may when Kingdom of the Crystal Skull debuted two days before the Indy 500


Black, white, red, blue and green.  Green gets the biggest spike of all as people attempt to avoid pinches on St. Patricks Day.  Black represents as deal hunters get ready to trample the pregnant and elderly for ten dollar DVD players on Black Friday.  Red enjoyed several peaks a few days a part that confounded me, but Praveen figured out that they represented Red Sox World Series games. Red is also big on Valentines Day,and White’s big peak comes the day after Christmas…


I’ll leave you with this mystery image.  First to guess what word the above image was for wins a free RiffTrax on me!

And please post any interesting Lexicon discoveries or mysteries you find in the comments.

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