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Song Fu – This time to teh death1…

September 26th, 2008 by · 20 Comments

…Or if you prefer “To the Death!” (I certainly prefer it as it is, you know, correct.)songfu 1 2 3

As far as this Song Fu competition is concerned, we must – MUST – defeat, destroy, humiliate, annihilate, dessicate, husk, and then grind our opponents into a fine powder, refine them and use them as a filler for livestock feed, or as a cheap alternative to nitrogen sources for soil fortification! MUST, do you hear me!?* You can do your part to help us turn them into livestock feed by going here and voting for us! It doesn’t matter whether we’re better, or they’re better – that’s all quibbling: the point is, vote for us and the price of livestock feed will (temporarily) go down.

*Actually, we’re very fond of our competition and think they’re very talented and funny.**

**We keep them off guard by alternating between threats, hostility and praise. They don’t know whether to #$*& or wind their wristwatches.

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