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Arnold Regional Final

October 10th, 2008 by · 16 Comments


Kevin designed some sweet commemorative medallions for the finals of the Most Awesome State Quarter contest.  Let’s tackle the hard fought Arnold Regional first.


washington.gif vs illinois.gif

The giant fish of Washington faces the man behind the greatest monument in Washington for the Arnold Regional final.  Lincoln had a renowned appetite for fish, but this fish is pretty darn big.  It’s a drawn out battle, with many points worth enumerating for both candidates, and it’s important to note that…

Wait a second…

What’s this?

Is that? Yes! It is! It’s Wisconsin’s theme music! The Wisconsin state quarter is re-entering the arena! Washington eliminated it back in round 2, but here it is again and it looks like it’s got a folding chair with it!  Washington and Illinois are busy whaling on each other, I don’t think they see it, but the crowd sure does, it’s going nuts! Wisconsin has climbed into the ring with a folding chair and…IT JUST HIT ILLINOIS OVER THE HEAD WITH A CHAIR!!! THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING!!! Washington has turned around, it’s begging Wisconsin for mercy! But Wisconsin’s got a crazed look in its eye! It keeps muttering “forward”! And IT HITS WASHINGTON WITH THE CHAIR TOO! THIS ONE IS ALL OVER! WISCONSIN COMES OUT OF NOWHERE IN A STUNNER!!!!


Wisconsin – Most Awesome State Quarter Arnold Regional Winner

One team is placed in the final four, only three to go!  View the complete bracket up til now right here.


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