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Final FU!

October 22nd, 2008 by · 37 Comments

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Here’s the challenge we RiffTones were given for our final Song Fu challenge, against the talented and scrappy Jason Morris:


    THE SONG FROM (aka 70’s Cinema Pop): For this final duel between Master and Challenger, you must envision a world in which composer John Williams was never hired to write the now-iconic scores for the Lucas and Spielberg films of the 1970’s (JAWS, CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND, 1941, and STAR WARS). Imagine instead that the filmmakers decided to go with that other staple of the 70’s – a tailor-made pop tune. Think THE POSEIDEN ADVENTURE’s “The Morning After (The Song From THE POSEIDEN ADVENTURE)”, which you’ll find below. You must choose one of those 1970’s Williams-scored Spielberg/Lucas flicks and write “The Song From…” that the film never had, in the style of a 1970’s pop tune (particularly in your instrumentation).

And here’s what we did:

“Love Theme from JAWS (When a Man Loves a Shark)”


Kevin’s amazing pipes take the lead on this little number, and my wife Virginia lent her lovely singing voice for backup vocals. Hard to believe, but her voice is a lot easier on the ears than mine. (I know! Shocking!)

She’s also more pleasant to look at. This was taken at a certain recent Comic-Con event. Look closely at the earrings for a clue:

Virginia at ComicCon


Go vote for our song by clicking HERE. (Scroll down.) Or vote for Jason’s if you prefer, but please… lie to us when you come back. Tell us lies. Tell us lies. Tell us sweet little lies.


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