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Song Phooey!

October 25th, 2008 by · 31 Comments

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Though it’s quite rare to find over-the-top outrage from anyonmous commentors on the Internet, we RiffTones seem to have made some such people angry in our latest round of Song Fu. Seems we didn’t take the assignment seriously enough. We apologize to those we hurt…

comic book guy

…and we realize it was entirely unpredictable that we might not treat things with our usual solemnity. We were wrong, VERY wrong, and we regret it deeply. (They’re right, after all… there was no guy in JAWS who wanted to be eaten by a shark, and we were irresponsible to imply otherwise. Damn our collective eyes!)

And so, to atone… we are now required to treat this with the formality demanded, and ask you all to help us DESTROY OUR OPPOSITION. It is (apparently) a deadly serious matter, so for the love of all that’s holy, for the future of children everywhere, to prevent global warming and poor restaurant service, go VOTE!



DESTROY (but do it politely)!


Bill is right — light-hearted internet song contests against good natured and talented competitors are NOT THE PLACE FOR DISPLAYS OF FUN OR WHIMSY! Upon reflection, it’s clear that our song entry sounded suspiciously like the kind of song that might have been written by a certain distinctly mustachioed foreign leader…


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