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Ironic Internet Halloween Fever!

October 27th, 2008 by · 21 Comments

Halloween fever is upon us! And much like every other real life activity we have, real life Halloween now has a healthy amount of ironic internet related activity mixed into it.  For example, the results of a pumpkin carving party I attended on Sunday, complete with youtube annotations.

Homestar Runner Pumpkin

My Pumpkin – Homestar Runner

(NOTE:  So as I went to annotate this, I was looking for my favorite Homestar Runner short “The Ballad of The Sneak“.  Turns out it’s not on youtube, only fan made tributes.  But because of this I did discover that awesome RiffTrax buds Paul and Storm‘s acapella group Da Vinci’s Notebook are the ones responsible for this catchy as hell tune.  My mind is officially blown!  Paul, Storm, what’s the story behind this?  And what do we bribe the Brothers Chaps with to get them to come riff?  (The story of how I first discovered it is worth relating as well, but…in email form.)  Tons of sweet Homestar related pumpkin stencils available here.

FAIL pumpkin

My girlfriend Lauren made the Fail Pumpkin. I don’t know if it’s meta, ironic, or a combination of the two that will cause the world to double back on itself and explode.  But it’s awesome.

Mobile Alabama Leprechaun Pumpkin

My friend Jake made this pumpkin of the infamous Amateur sketch of the Mobile Alabama Leprechaun

Amateur sketch

A stunning likeness, no?

Bubb Rubb Woo Woo Pumpkin

And finally, my friend Adam carved this tribute to Bubb Rub’s catchphrase impression of what “the whistles” go like:


Three Nerdy Pumpkins

I know it’s early, but since the pumpkins are going to start rotting probably around noon tomorrow, Happy Halloween!  May nobody in your trick or treating group get a rock!

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