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Ironic Meta-Costumes, now with Snark!

October 28th, 2008 by · 49 Comments

Halloween is fast approaching and you don’t want to be caught wearing something macabre. That would be so straightforward. Consider these alternatives:


Just sexy? Or is it smirking at a 60’s version of sexy? Or is it circling back to make fun of the Laugh-In, cartoon-y send-up of sexy? Or is it a snarky meta-commentary on our attitudes about the prison system? I can’t tell. But I like it.


Funny because it’s not funny? Or is it not acknowledging that referee = blind jokes are literally hundreds of years old, and going for a straight ahead joke? The burden is all on you.


He’s the “wayHIGH patrol”. Yep.


Take one moment and imagine – stay with me – imagine going through the process of purchasing this costume and wearing it to a Halloween party. It’s literally impossible to imagine, isn’t it?

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My gosh, figuring out on what level this is to be taken — I can’t even begin. But you know what would be funny? Punching this guy in the crotch.


Now imagine if you somehow purchased this costume (impossible, I know, but it’s a thought experiment), wore it to a party and then 10 or 20 minutes into the party you suddenly realized what you had done. Think of the waves and waves of shame and revulsion that would wash over you. You wouldn’t sleep till February.

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