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Rifftrax Anagram Challenge!

November 10th, 2008 by · 89 Comments

(…now unscrambled for your convenience.)

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Say, who doesn’t like anagrams!?!

[Looks around. Gulps.] …Wow, that’s a lot of you. But! For those of you who don’t mind them, as much, here’s a little contest you might enjoy.


    Your task:

    Create a witty, even poignant anagram from a Rifftrax-related name. What’s a Rifftrax-related name? Examples: the title of a movie we’ve riffed, a character name in a Rifftrax-riffed movie, an actor in such a movie, etc. Other ideas might be fine too, but they must relate to Rifftax in order to ensure further indoctrination for our future zombie army give this game some parameters.

    You can enter as often as you wish. But as is so often true, quality beats quantity. (<--- Not necessarily applicable to bacon.) Please provide the name you're anagrammizaterating, as well, so we don't have to guess. Only an ass would make people guess.

    Write your entries in comments below. Winner gets a free Rifftrax of his/her/its choice.

    DEADLINE: Friday, November 14, 11:59 PM


So… does that all make sense? The goal is to make the anagram funny, but also relate in some way to the original. An example directly above, from my former stomping grounds in Park Slope, Brooklyn… someone did a guerilla anagram by cover of night on the marquee of the porn-chic American Apparel store.

(Here’s a great anagram-creating site. There are others, too.)


Note to winner of the pre-contest contest *, Michael T. Bradley: contact me at Bill AT Rifftrax dot com if you’re interested in helping to judge this round. If not, no worries. In any case, we owe you a free Rifftrax!

(* I do know how to complicate things, don’t I? Lordy.)

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