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Welcome to Climax.

November 21st, 2008 by · 50 Comments

800px Climax MinnesotaClimax, Minnesota, In Polk County on the North Dakota Border (not far from Cummings), was founded on August 18th, 1897 at a time when opportunity, poverty and the hope of having something of one’s own would drive adventurous people to such places.  0148 1 230 400Popular legend says the town was named for a brand of chewing tobacco, Climax Cut Plug, “The Grand Old Chew,” a favorite of baseball players at the time. But local historians rush to say that the brand simply led the founders to the power of the word itself, a word inspiring and uplifting.

darkcccIt’s a pleasant enough place, with a population of roughly 243, and home of the Sand Hill Settlement Historical Society.  The community golf course, Bentwood, has fast greens and $12 greens fees on weekdays.  So if you ever find yourself on the way to Grand Forks from the Twin Cities,  be sure to visit.

I will now open the floor to your overt and filthy innuendos.

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