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Happy Thanksbacon!

November 24th, 2008 by · 72 Comments

This link has been sent to me by several lovely, well-meaning people, who really don’t intend to make my children orphans. Yet that could be the result of mixing…

    1) Me.

    2) Thanksgiving.

    3) Turbaconducken. Explained below, courtesy of our friends at Bacon Today (a beautiful phrase if ever there was one).

Here it is before going in the oven: a bit weird-looking, but pleasantly stripey. And bacon is involved, so there’s no need for alarm.

all raw wrapped assembled front

And here it is after spending all day cooking slowly…


cooked side 2


cooked front

This is a bird that might finally finish off my ticker, and cause John Madden to spontaneously combust. But speaking for this bacophile, it looks debaconlicious.

And it begs the question: DARE we add yet another form of meat to this?




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