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Swayze Regional Final

November 25th, 2008 by · 36 Comments



Nobody puts state quarters in a corner!  Except for maybe the Ohio one…he was too stupid to have a good time…Anyways, it’s time for the Swayze Regional Final!  Follow all the state quarter action here!

ca_winner.gif vs nebraska.gif

Compared to some of the other regions we’ve gone thru, the Swayze regional final ends in a David Byrne moment:  How did we get here?  Two quarters which are clearly above average, but does either deserve to move on to the final four?  We’re left with a 1999 Best Picture Oscar moment:  someone has to win.  And while the winner of this region must therefore feel the deep shame of being compared to American Beauty, (whose plastic bag in the wind scene I rewatched this weekend and believe it may be worse than anything from The Happening), it’s important to look back on 1999 as a year when the mediocre shrugged its way to the top.  American Beauty beat out The Green Mile and The Sixth Sense for the Best Picture of the year, much like California and Nebraska advancing this far over the OK-but-by-no-means-great tails sides of Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

What is my point?  Mainly that I wanted to see peoples justifications for why the plastic bag scene, which I posted below, does not in their opinion, blow.  And to deem the more stylized and heavy on oxen Nebraska the winner.


Nebraska – Most Awesome State Quarter Swayze Regional Winner  



Final Four

The Most Awesome State Quarter final four is set!  Check out the whole bracket so far here, and let’s finish this mutha up soon!

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