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Have a great Thanksgiving

November 27th, 2008 by · 27 Comments

This is a day set aside for gratitude, but it’s only in these dotage years that I’ve finally appreciated what that means. Real gratitude can’t mean being thankful for everything being perfect in your life, all the time. Alas, that will never happen. I think it’s about appreciating what you have.

I’m a very lucky human, and genuinely thankful today. I hope to be more so in everyday, non-turkey-feasting days to come. In the meantime, many thanks to all you crazy cats for occasionally visiting and having some laughs with us here. Wishing you, your families, friends, pets, and favorite objects a great Thanksgiving. (And if times are tough right now, here’s hoping that your days get better real soon.)

Here’s a fun Thanksgiving clip from TV days gone by:

WKRP in Cincinnati: Thanksgiving Turkey Bomb! @ Yahoo! Video

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