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December 19th, 2008 by · 29 Comments

Puzzled and numbed by the oncoming holidays? Let the celebrities tell you what to do!

Grizzelda Rush
¬†Grizzelda Rush. Star of “Kiss Town”

“The holidays are for me a time to reassess everything, absolutely everything about who I am: am I eating enough fish? Am I spending enough time with Geoff (that’s Geoffrey Stack, her Kiss Town co-star and current live-in lover.) Right now we’re gutting our Beverly Hills home and putting in a greywater recycling system, so it’s a perfect time to look deep within myself.”

1024101 male models
Breck Jensen, lead singer of Craw

“The holidays rock long and they rock hard! I always go back home, just to get real again, to see the family, to get grounded. This year I can’t – I’m in Bali with Kurt (Feisting of Plugdust) on our world tour for our new album Wholly Crap – but I’ll have them email some photos to my Sidekick LX.”

Keely Reese of “Smile, Smile, Jump, Smile, Dance!”

“The holidays are the funnest!”

castro teague
Castro Teague,”Sgt. Stall” on Corpse Minder

“&*@#$ you! @#$#-ers! Merry @#$% Christmas, holiday @#$#!@# @#$%-ing @#$%@-ers @#$!@# you and @#$%^ my @#$!@-ing @#$%^ @#$%%!, if you can @#$% off your @#$%^ holiday @#$%^ and @#$%^ my yuletide @#$^%^!!”

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