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Animal Collective Listening Party or Scene from Trainspotting?

January 14th, 2009 by · 42 Comments

While checking out this recap of a London listening party for Animal Collective’s latest, “Merriweather Post Pavilion”, I was struck that some of the pictures looked a touch familiar.  So I prepared this game, entitled “Animal Collective Listening Party or Scene from Trainspotting?” All the pics have various forms of ecstasy occurring on a filthy floor with substances scattered about, but was the bliss brought on by Brothersport or sweet, sweet smack?  See how many YOU can correctly identify!

Note: I like the band a lot, the new record is great, I’m going to go see them next week, one of my fondest memories of 2008 revolved around “For Reverend Green”, etc. Please don’t invoke Godwin’s law on me.

1.passed out

2. passed out with one beer

3. passed out happy

4. passed out with stella

5. passed out looking nice

6. passed out lots of beers

7. passed out with spoon

8. guys and garbage can

9. passed out filthy floor

10. thom yorke guy

11. smoking cig

12. baby on wall

Answer Key:  All even numbers were at the listening party, all odds were from Trainspotting.  Number 12 was an unfortunate case of what can happen to you if you stare at the MPP cover art for too long.

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