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Pruane2Forever one year anniversary

January 22nd, 2009 by · 41 Comments

The RiffTrax Blog would like to extend a hearty “Congratulations” to pruane2forever, who today celebrated one year on youtube.


Those of you with an official RiffTrax Calendar have been counting down the days, since it is featured, but it almost snuck past me. It’s been a grand journey with the Sexman, who amassed over six million views this past year. I’ve bought the domain name, dressed as him for halloween and pretended to be him to attempt to do a fake interview with a guy named Pudgy Pimp. Typing all that out makes me realize how creepy and bizarre it is that I did all those things, so I leave you with my favorite of his videos, Sexinator vs. Sexman



Or maybe my favorite was A scooter jump. I made in slow motion


Or maybe it was the immortal My Rambo Review:


OK, I’ll Stop

**UPDATE from Mike**

Actually, the Gambler himself, Kenny Rogers, paid warm tribute to Pruane’s anniversary to a (mostly) packed stadium. It’s very touching. (The “her” he refers to at the beginning is of course Sexman.)

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