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Bacon Stupidity – Day 9

February 9th, 2009 by · 44 Comments

Two BaconsYes, I promised reviews of flashy bacons, but I got busy this weekend and had to rely on supermarket brands yet again: Safeway and Farmland brands, which were nestled together at my local Von’s like a couple of, well, see photo.

And just like the boys in the photo, these cured and smoked strips of pork back fat could really rock! To sum up my experience with these bacons I could do no better than the title of the boys’ third album, Can’t Complain.

Farmland, despite being a mid-priced brand, was named by America’s Test Kitchen as the Best Bacon in America, so you’d think it would be no contest. But like the guy on the left, Safeway more than held its own with its more famous sibling. If you happen to be eating nothing but bacon for a month, I can recommend both.

Coming soon, a review of Tip Top’s house brand.

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