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Regarding Henry’s

February 16th, 2009 by · 82 Comments

SN851066I missed a purely slab bacon weekend by only one meal consisting of Henry’s thick sliced*. This was the thickest thick slice I have yet encountered and comes about as close to my ideal slice thickness as I can get without slicing it myself (the preceding sentence was brought to you by the word “slice”).

After one tasting I’m almost ready to declare it my favorite bacon so far (now more than halfway through Bacon Stupidity Month). However, much more testing is needed. There are many pounds of Tip Top’s slab bacon and double smoked slab bacon waiting in the larder that just may have some choice words for Henry’s (and no doubt they’d pronounce it “OHN-reesz” with a contemptuous sneer if they could talk.) Conor also provided me with a jaw-droppingly expensive packet of The Linkery’s “pastured and sustainably raised” bacon for which I have justifiably high expectations.

To sum up then – there are not enough days in a month where bacon is concerned. I may have to rethink.

*Make sure to click the thumb for a gorgeous close-up.

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