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Fighting the bacon ennui

February 17th, 2009 by · 44 Comments

Reader Brit (of the excellent blog Think of England — read his own fine bacon post here — commented: I’d be interested to know to what extent bacon is now dominating your life, in a way that food normally wouldn’t…Do you dream about bacon? Or does it not really come up except at mealtimes?

The latter gets nearest to the truth. Bacon still sheds its beauty and light on me at every meal, but it also has the odd effect of thoroughly blunting my hunger and never does it cross my mind, “All right! I get to eat BACON in less than two hours! Bacon HeightThis ennui creeping into my otherwise blissful marriage to bacon led to my trying to spice things up a little between the two of us. For tonight’s meal, I attempted to add some height to the presentation, just like they do in restaurants that serve things other than bacon.

It was an unqualified success.

I love you bacon. I love you so much.

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