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Local Media Recognition!

February 20th, 2009 by · 109 Comments

It was a red letter here day at RiffTrax HQ last week! While media accolades have unceasingly poured in* over our 2.5+ year run here at RiffTrax, our local San Diego media has maintained an eerie, BoingBoing-esque silence regarding our work. Nothing from the local paper, no TV coverage, not even a blurb from the venerable CityBeat. I figure that we have a pretty interesting and unique operation going on here, the kind of thing that could easily make a good arts section story. We’re funny, we give good interviews… Still, nothing. But all that changed last week when a camera crew from NBC San Diego showed up to document how a RiffTrax is put togeth…

Actually, I’m being told that they were here to interview Mike about bacon.

Still, pretty awesome stuff.

*I didn’t want to spend too much time looking for them and could only remember the NY Times one


RiffTrax and our local NBC affiliate apologize if the video still for this piece frightened your children or caused you to spit up a mouthful coffee all over the screen of your new laptop. I’m usually not that hideous. (Usually meaning, well, fifty-one percent of the time.)

And to answer your question, of course I’m delighted it’s turned out this way: that I’ve worked in the entertainment industry for going on 20 years, have striven to do the finest work, with the finest, most talented people (who I also happen to genuinely like) to the best of my ability, have been blessed to have received good notices and some official recognition in the form of the prestigious Peabody Award, Emmy Award nominations, some notice of my books, including my novel, for which I am very pleased. I have done much work on pilots and projects that have never seen the light of day, unfortunately, but that have brought me in contact with people whom I respect, people at the highest level in their respective fields, and have no doubt I will work with again.

Now, however, I am “that Bacon Guy.”

The jury’s still out on which is better.


BILL adds:

This is not related in any specific way to Mike’s month of smoked pigflesh, but… I saw this cry of pain on Twitter today, from some prominent web geek trendsetter type young man:

“Enough! I f**king get it! You like bacon!”

about 14 hours ago from web

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