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March 7th, 2009 by · 33 Comments


…Hopes you have a good weekend.  He also wants you to know that he loves you all.  He loves you very, very much.  I mean, wow, he loves you so much, it’s almost indecent.  Strike that, it is indecent.  But if loving you is wrong, Skeletor doesn’t wanna be right.

Ah. you laugh.  See, if you’d only love Skeletor back, just a little, he’d stay in Snake Mountain and leave Eternia at peace.  But no, you mock Skeletor, and now he must lash out, using all his powers to destroy you.  Even the Terror Claws – don’t make him use the Terror Claws!

Anyway, Have a good weekend.  And all hail Skeletor.

skeletor pirate tee

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