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Look behind you, laughing baby…

March 11th, 2009 by · 51 Comments

I was so engrossed by Sexman’s Watchmen review, I somehow missed this relative newcomer to the very well-represented “laughing baby” category on YouTube.


And it made me wonder, Is 77-million-view laughing baby’s team getting a little nervous?

Clearly – CLEARLY – the newcomer has the edge in cuteness over the veteran — check out that luxurious head of hair — and, frankly, he has finer taste in material. “Bong”? What in the hell is so funny about that? The paper gag, while not being vintage Marx Brothers, certainly has it all over the unfunny Euro-ness of a high-pitched “bong.”

Yep, I’m backing Ethan. (Much like the raging, though settled, “I Can’t Hardly Wait” controversy, expect Conor to have a different [read “wrong”] answer on this one as well.)


BILL adds —

This adorable child gets my vote, for her deep Gollum-like gulp between laughs, and her drunkenness:

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