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Sudden Twitter contest! Act NOW!

March 18th, 2009 by · 31 Comments

This is a limited time offer! And you must reply on Twitter.

The challenge: respond to this item I wrote just minutes ago:

“I like Twitter a lot, even if it does tend to make people write in some mashup of Rorschach’s Journal and late 80s Seinfeld monologue.”

    rorschach 1seinfeld

    Your job is to write a Rorschach / Seinfeld mashup in one tweet, to win a free Rifftrax of your choice. (Use hashtag #rorschachseinfeld ) Example from famed expert John Hodgman:

    “hodgman @BillCorbett What’s the deal with dead dog in the alley?”

    Go HERE. You’re also welcome to write responses below, but for this one only Twitter responses are eligible.

    Prize: free Rifftrax of your choice.

    Contest ends at 11 PM EST / 8 PM PST.

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