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Don’t Forget!!!

April 14th, 2009 by · 17 Comments

That National High Five Day, the fake holiday co-founded by yours truly SEVEN YEARS AGO, goes down this Thursday, the 16th.

This video, made on NH5D 2007 by some high school kids I’ve never met is one of the most encouraging signs I’ve ever gotten that all is good in the world.  And now the gradual shifting into the sinister Phase II of our operation begins…


Our second proudest moment in National High Five Day history was when the Deputy Mayor of San Diego recognized the holiday with an official proclamation, a mere three months before he resigned in a scandal for accepting bribes from strip club owners to repeal the “no touch” rules at local strip clubs. Seriously.


(Note: Just found out today that the corruption conviction was eventually thrown out, but that’s not nearly as funny a story)

So make sure wherever and whoever you are on Thursday that you give a stranger a high five.  No explanation, no asking permission necessary.  Just put it up and see who responds. Trust me, it’s a lot more rewarding than it sounds.

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