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Miley Cyrus’ sweet, sweet Niblets

April 15th, 2009 by · 26 Comments

Wanting more after the Michelle/Stephanie Tanner video, we went a-searchin’. Sadly, the imagined treasure trove of sitcom catchphrase montages proved not to really exist. But it did turn up these two gems:



I did not know of the existence of these two catchphrases before today. But based on the above videos, you can see why they’ve been so successful:

  • They are not character dependent. Even guest stars can say them.
  • They are versatile. The phrasing can be adapted to the situation, with adjectives and modifiers added as needed.
  • You can easily imagine a goofy older relative quoting one of them at a holiday meal, several years after the show been abandoned by its core audience, and the disgusted eyerolls of the former teenage fans that follow.


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