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Today is National High Five Day

April 16th, 2009 by · 32 Comments

high five squirrel

National High Five Day, or NH5D, was created by our Rifftrax colleague Conor — with a degree of irony, or not, that I don’t pretend to understand. But for people younger and sharper than myself, Conor explains it HERE.

So get out there TODAY and celebrate NH5D in a manner you deem appropriate, with other people and/or small rodents.

NOTE: to the best of my knowledge, neither man nor squirrel above is made of wax. Apologies.

***Conor Adds***

Finally, FINALLY, a respectable news organization gives our day the recognition it deserves! If you’ve got ten minutes to spare, check out the video we made three National High Five Day’s ago.


For anyone who disputes the meaningful impact that the High Five can have, remember that this fake holiday led directly to my getting a job here at RiffTrax!  NH5D 2006 fell on 4/20, and when the Vice President of Legend Films went looking for 4/20 related sites for a Reefer Madness DVD promotion, she found After that, only a minimal amount of begging was necessary to get me a job!

The moral of the story:  Act on your late night drunken impulse to skip class, call in sick to work, and give high fives instead. It may pay off four years down the line.

***Conor Adds Again***

Tom Pinella, who brought NH5D to his high school years ago and kept it going at Penn State, penned this NH5D article for College Humor

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