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Wax Dracula

April 24th, 2009 by · 66 Comments

…or “Waxula,” to his pals, is undoubtedly made of wax. He’ll admit that upfront. He’s not trying to fool anyone!

wax dracula 2

But don’t get him started on TWILIGHT. Wax Dracula insists that while he is indeed made of wax, he is roughly 7000 times scarier / more interesting than all that series’ vampires put together. (He’s being modest here: studies have proven that number to be significantly higher.)

However, Waxula will readily concede that when it comes to scariness, he is a piker compared to Wax Jay Leno. “That guy scares the living &$%* out of me!” he says, shuddering. “It’s like he’s TRYING to become Bea Arthur!”

We concur:

wax jay leno


NOTE re waxiosity: this too shall pass, friends. In my original Blog Obsession post, I promised (threatened?) thusly: “I guarantee that I will write at least six blog posts on that subject, in as many weeks.” That quota has already been reached, faster than anyone could have dreamed. (And it has been a dream, hasn’t it?)

So for those of you are, bizarrely, NOT charmed by hideous wax figures, please know that the rate at which these are posted will slow down from here. Then in time — maybe sooner, maybe later — no more wax.

Hideous wax figure groupies, on the other hand, are advised to start some powerful lobbying (a.k.a. bribing), stat.

Wax off.

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