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Sport Balls, Anyone? How About Pocari Sweat?

May 11th, 2009 by · 53 Comments

I love going to our local pan-Asian supermarket, United Noodles, in Minneapolis.  Besides having great sushi supplies, wonderful roast duck, fresh burdock root, lotus chips, quail eggs, duck eggs and tofu about a hundred ways, I always find something I’ve never seen nor heard of before.  To wit:

pocari sweat

They actually had a table set up for tasting this stuff, like a Pepsi Challenge gone horribly wrong.  I tasted it – it’s not at all sweat-flavored, and I learned that it’s sold as a sport beverage in Japan.  Think of it as Vitamin Water with a more provocative name.  Speaking of sports:

sport balls

I had a harder time figuring this one out.  What makes these balls particularly sporty?  Is it the coconut, or the syrup they’ve drowned in? Or do I pursue filthier avenues, afforded me by another fine Florence brand product:


This could mean anything, really.  I immediately presume that it’s the source of Jack-in-the-Box’s infamous Jack Sauce.  Truth is that jackfruit is a common Asian tree-fruit, often cultivated while unripe and, thanks to its chickeny texture prepared and sold as “vegetable meat.”

But before you shudder,  I’ll leave you with somethign a little closer to home:

cushion meat

That’s right, Cushion meat.  I believe the name says it all.  Great price, too!

And now I invite you to venture forward to your favorite local non-traditional melting-pot food provider and send us some examples of real, honest-to-goodness foods that you’ve never heard of.  I’m talking commercially available on a store shelf, none of this Andrew Zimmern stuff. Now get out there and have fun.

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