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Getting Back Down to Business

May 19th, 2009 by · 61 Comments

Sure we had a tough weekend, but that’s not gonna slow us down.  We have lots of fun stuff in the hopper – some great Guest Riffers, including Jonathan Coulton and Paul & Storm.  We have some titles that are guaranteed to surprise you.  More shorts, more old moldy movies, more bleeding edge new movies, Rifftones music, Comic-Con, outdoor screenings at the Stone Brewery.  Oh, we’re busy.

But never too busy to take care of what’s vitally important:  delivering you fresh images of bad wax figures.


So cheers from Bad Wax Bogie, Bad Wax… David Caruso, I think; Bad Wax… Nicole Kidman?  And Bad Wax I Have No Clue.  Help me out here, friends, we must identify these Bad Wax Celebrities!  Send your guesses right away!

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