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Internet meme mind-blower!

June 3rd, 2009 by · 35 Comments

Don’t cheat, now… don’t look for info. Just watch the video. Unlike some of the recent things I’ve posted, it won’t hurt (most of you).

THIS is the original. THIS. You won’t recognize it until approx. 45 seconds in, but then your day will be made (for approx. 45 seconds more):


Yes, I’m probably WAY behind on my internet memes, and everyone has already ironically downloaded this to their iPhones. What can I tell you? I’m old.

FYI: The skinny men in the video, a.k.a. O-Zone, are from Moldova, and reportedly bitter to the point of distraction at being eclipsed by a chubby American kid lip-synching their work without ever getting up from his chair.


Don’t forget this video from recently incarcerated rap artist T.I.  I wonder if the producer just kept his fingers crossed that T.I. didn’t recognize the sample and get furious for someone trying to get him to rap over the Numa Numa song.


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