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CONTEST: Movie Genre Switcheroo

June 9th, 2009 by · 132 Comments


THE CHALLENGE: Make an existing comedy into a drama, or vice-versa.

DETAILS: Pick an actual movie, from any era. Re-pitch it as a comedy if it’s considered a drama, OR if you’ve chosen a drama, re-pitch it as a comedy. Stick as closely as possible to the actual characters and plot of the real movie, but completely change the tone…. and do it in 150 words maximum (down below in comments).

DEADLINE: Friday June 12, 11:59 PM.

PRIZE: A free Rifftrax of your choice.



[UPDATE: Please do me a solid and include the title of the movie somewhere in your comment, artfully or otherwise, even if you think it’s clear. You must never underestimate my thick-headedness.

It won’t even count as part of your 150 word limit. So those of you who were planning to use THIS MOVIE or even, God help us, THIS MOVIE need not worry.]

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