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Oh, hi RiffTrax – A Guide to The Room

June 12th, 2009 by · 43 Comments


The Room has consumed our lives here at RiffTrax since we discovered it two and a half months ago.  We’ve rewatched the movie, poured over the discs bonus features, started talking like Johnny around the office and even spoken on the phone with two people involved in the movie.  But we acknowledge that it’s probably still a big question mark for most people out there.  Since we’ve uncovered so much great The Room-related content, we thought we’d share.  Hopefully this will whet your appetite if you haven’t seen the movie, or will supplement your curiosity once you’ve seen it a first, second or third time.

Let’s start at the start:

  • This Onion AV Club article is the first thing we read about The Room
  • It references this comprehensive Entertainment Weekly article, which goes more in depth
  • This IFC article delves more thoroughly into the “plot”. Contains spoilers, but is very spot on and funny.

Sold yet?  Go buy The Room at amazon, (we’re not sure where else you can get it.)  It’s less than ten bucks. And you’ll need it when our RiffTrax comes out on Thursday!

Now for some videos.  As fun as these are, I strongly recommend you watch the movie once without having seen anything. It will be a much more fun experience.  Check back here in an hour and a half.  Go on, watch it already!

Let’s start with the iconic scenes:



You are tearing me apart Lisa!


Oh hi Mark!


The Flower Shop (aka Hi Doggy!)



Tommy laughing


Oh hi, (insert name here)

 Fan tributes!


The Room Rap Song by The Brooklyn Doctors


The Room Mash-up Tribute


Tommy Wiseau and David After Dentist



Tearing me apart!


Flower shop



Veronica Belmont interviews Tommy Wiseau


Cookin’ Good – Tea With Tommy Wiseau – Part 1


Tommy Wiseau guest directs on Tim & Eric

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