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Movie Genre Switcheroo Winner!

June 16th, 2009 by · 21 Comments

First, who lost? Everyone who read the word “switcheroo,” and — especially — the man who actually put that word into his blog title. And by that I mean Kevin. (Yes, he is somehow to blame.)

Who won? Everyone who read these gems. Some very, very funny stuff, and it made my job way too hard. What in blazes was I thinking?

Still, when I wasn’t feeling sorry for myself at the difficulty of choosing between these, I was laughing a lot. And while a whole bunch of your entries could have won, this one ultimately edged it out:



    Phelps on Jun 10, 2009 at 11:19 am

    Eight year old Kevin was enjoying his nice suburban life when his parents callously abandon him a week before Christmas in the middle of Chicago. Now, he is forced to fend for himself, navigating a world world made for adults in a desperate attempt to survive on his own in a world of orphanages and abusive foster homes.

    When things are just looking up, Kevin finds himself to be the target of two maniacal home invaders (Joe Pesci of Goodfellas and Casino and Daniel Stern of Very Bad Things) hell bent on taking everything Kevin has left… and threatening to murder him in the process. What will you do when you are… Home Alone?

    Critics rave, “It’s David Copperfield meets Panic Room!”

…for me, it was that last line that sealed the deal. Very funny!

Well done, Phelps. Please email Erik at Rifftrax dot com, and he’ll set you up with a freebie.

And many thanks to everyone else who played. There were lots of truly hilarious entries. If you haven’t looked them over, give yourself a treat.

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