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Kevin’s New Look

July 22nd, 2009 by · 33 Comments

As Comic-Con looms, we’re packing our bags and heading out to San Diego with ENTIRELY NEW LOOKS!*  We’ve already made Bill and Mike over, now to the real trouble spot- Mr. K.W. Murphy.  Kevin’s owned a single pair of jeans for eleven years, and has watched his yellowing Munsingwear golf shirt go in and out of style six times.  Something must be done.

jozin z bazin.jpg

Now here’s Kevin (right, with Bill Corbett) sporting his dreary old look.  His dogged refusal to surrender his facial hair is problematic, but we’ve come up with an elegant, sophisticated solution – the face mitten.

0014h 1

The beard is no longer a problem.  The loosely vested top accentuates Kevin’s broad shoulders and draws attention from his kidney fat and pit ham.  Sure it’s a bold statement, but is it bold enough?

We asked our readers to contribute their vision, and boy, was that ever the right idea! Daisyj worked the face mitten with something more leggy:


Wook, among other more adventurous combinations,  urges Kevin to adopt a more youthful line in his couture:


But it took BEMaven to put the whole thing together, and it hits you like a bolt out of the blue: OF COURSE!  THE BRIAN BLESSED LOOK!!!

kevin fashion angel.jpg

Here the beard is in balance with the wings, there’s a helmet (Kevin loves helmets) and he gets to show a little leg.  Okay a lot of leg.  All right, way too much leg.  But on an ursine fellow like Kevin, I believe we have assembled a comfortable, versatile look that’s absolutely perfect for Comic-Con.

Thank you all!  Hope none of this haunts your dreams!  It’ll certainly haunt mine!  On to the Con!

(*Looks may not be entirely new.)

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