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Win tickets to go see RiffTrax Live!!!

August 12th, 2009 by · 67 Comments

If, by any chance, you still haven’t bought tickets to RiffTrax Live at your local movie theater, (Thursday, 8/20, aka NEXT WEEK!!!) here’s your chance to win a pair!

Since this is an amazing show featuring our funniest riffs of Plan 9 yet, an unreleased short, and the talented contributions of Veronica Belmont, Jonathan Coulton and Rich “Lowtax” Kyanka, I figured what better way to promote it than by recaptioning some old Family Circus cartoons!

All you have to do is take any of these Family Circus cartoons and recaption them with an (in)appropriate RiffTrax riff or quote from a RiffTrax’d movie.  Paraphrasing is OK, but I have to understand what you’re getting at.  Make me laugh, and win a pair of tickets.  We’ll pick winners at the end of the day tomorrow and you’ll get your tickets in the mail.  Be sure you specify which cartoon your caption is for!

A. 1Family Circus

B. 4Family Circus

C. Family Circus

D. i041002famcirc

E. nfc2

F. 2Family Circus

G. family

H. family circus 756425

I. nd5

For all the info about our RiffTrax Live event, check out the page here.  Also included is a box for you to enter your zip code to see the nearest theater.

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