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Stuff! Free! Now! iPod Touch!

August 16th, 2009 by · 56 Comments

freeWho wants a free iPod Touch? Everyone on the planet save for a few bellicose Luddites, that’s who! You can win a free iPod Touch crammed-to-bursting with free RiffTrax! Just enter our Twitter drawing, and come to our Live Show on August 20th! You’ll also win free RiffTrax for everyone in your theater – even the guy the guy two rows back who’s been unwrapping a jawbreaker for the last 25 minutes!

Here’s how it works: you go here and purchase your RiffTrax Live tickets. <—Then tweet that link, the location of your theater, and the hashtag #rifftraxlive and voila! You’re entered to win the iPod touch! We’ll give it away live during the show AND we’ll give every single person in your theater a free RiffTrax! Live, we’ll do it. That’s how we’ll do it: Live! Not not-live, but Live!* (Entry will close midnight on August, 19th. Example of a tweet, “RT @rifftrax #rifftraxlive Swayzeville 13, Swayzeville, Kansas! Win an iPod.” <– A link to this post, in case you have room and want to get fancy.)

RiffTrax Live! Veronica Belmont, Lowtax, Jonathan Coulton, Free iPods, free RiffTrax, free photo, free song – let’s be honest. It makes the last, oh, twelve World Fairs look like a total snooze-fest.

*We do ask that you offer some reasonable proof that you were at the show. Mailing us a ticket stub will work, or emailing a photo.

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