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Entries from June 2010

Hello, Comic-Con 2010!

June 9th, 2010 by Bill Corbett · 76 Comments

Ladies and gentlemen, it has been forever since I’ve written in these digi-pages. Mea culpa. A combination of too much work, too much social media, a so-called “family” and my new semi-pro ice dancing career has kept me away from the Rifftrax Blog. That, and wolves.
When I heard that Mike, Kevin and myself were invited [...]

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Freedom! Liberty! RC KOUBA!!!

June 2nd, 2010 by Kevin Murphy · 23 Comments

Now that we’re in that groggy, mosquito-infested nightless fever-dream between Memorial Day and Independence Day, isn’t it time to watch a doughy middle-aged guy offer his tribute to Liberty, freedom, faith, hope, charity and other things?
Of course it is.  Here’s RC Kouba with Lady Liberty.

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