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Happy Birthday to Us

July 26th, 2010 by · 48 Comments


In all the excitement surrounding Comic-Con last week, nobody here even realized that

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Wednesday, July 21st marked RiffTrax’s fourth anniversary. That’s right, four years ago we released Road House. I still remember the first emails coming in from e-junkie indicating levitra and cialis taken together that someone had actually purchased it. Who’d have thought that

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four years later I’d be able to make a living riffing the Twilight movies?

A lot has changed in the past four years: We got a shuffleboard table. That’s pretty much

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But no, of course there have been all sorts of great things that have happened along the way that we couldn’t have predicted. We have 17 RiffTrax DVDs. Two live theater shows down and two more coming up soon. Webcasts. A state quarter tournament that many consider the defining occasional currency based blog post series of our generation.

And oh, the characters we’ve met along the way: Tommy. Gregory. Crazy old lemon drink lady. The kamagra naturale Schnapster. Moosebaby. Norman pharmacy canada Spear Jr.

I’ve been lucky to be at RiffTrax since day one. The job has allowed me to work with incredibly talented, funny people every single day. So thanks for your support that has allowed it to happen. Here’s hoping we can continue to make you laugh for many more years to come.


While we’re getting maudlin, I’d like to make a tip of the whisky glass to everybody who’s helped to keep the riffing engines humming. That would be David D, Casey, Josh, Sarah, Erik, Chris, Jason, Cam, Rick at Lethal Sounds, David G and Barry – is this sounding like an Oscar speech yet? – and of course our crack(ed) young writers Sean and Conor; all our guest Riffers; Joco and Veronica Belmont; Paul, Storm, Adam, Wil and all our new play-pals from W00tstock; madman Lowtax; Cole and Janet; and the fine people at O’Brien’s Pub. I’m sure I’m missing people because I’m a thoughtless inconsiderate wad, so forgive me if I didn’t give you a proper shout-out, and I’ll try to make amends.

Most of all, Thanks go to you, the readers, downloaders, the people who laugh at our jokes, who keep the conversation lively, who come see us at our live events and at cons. That we are four years old is entirely thanks to you.


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