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What To Do When Twitter Tanks

August 6th, 2009 by Kevin Murphy · 47 Comments

So Twitter is down, big time.  Last word is that they’re defending themselves against a “denial-of-service attack”  Not sure what that is, or if it involves orcs, but it sounds bad. And now Facebook is groaning under the strain of people needing to send each other brief messages and read those of others. It’s mercurial, […]

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What’s so Damn Funny?!

May 26th, 2009 by Kevin Murphy · 28 Comments

Jonathan Coulton is what’s so damn funny.  Paul and Storm are what’s so damn funny.  Put them together, on a Rifftrax Presents Super-Cool Special Riff of the iconic geekwork TRON, and the funny risks breaching its containment field and releasing a wave of hyperfunny that could threaten countless galaxies… with laughter. Here’s a sample of […]

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Rogenomics 101 Part 2: The Hill Curve

September 9th, 2008 by Kevin Murphy · 13 Comments

One of the most exciting aspects of Rogenomics is its ability to adapt to new Hollywood trends yet remain the most accurate predictor of their outcome. Last time we observed some basic principles; now let’s observe one of the recent additions to the pantheon of Leading Rogenomic Indicators (LRI’s), Jonah Hill. Jonah has dependably served […]

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Rogenomics 101

September 2nd, 2008 by Kevin Murphy · 40 Comments

Folks, success in Hollywood is not as much a matter of blind luck and cult membership as some people would like to think. Regarding the seemingly mercurial nature of the box office, screenwriting legend William Goldman famously postulated, “Nobody knows anything.” Mr. Goldman needs a primer in Rogenomics. Simply stated, Rogenomics serves to express the […]

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Money for nothing, Sexman for free

August 11th, 2008 by Conor Lastowka · 27 Comments

It’s been six months since I made the business deal of a lifetime, snatching up the domain name to document the ongoing genius of everyone’s favorite vulgar Canadian pre-teen.  My motives were based on more than just admiration for the man though.  I had a google adsense account with $82 in it from my […]

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Run Free, Montauk Monster Meme!

August 1st, 2008 by Kevin Murphy · 10 Comments

I’m delighted to have been present for the birth of a new internet meme, the whimsical Montauk Monster. This little guy is so easy to Photoshop, and soon he’ll infect the current news cycle with his pointlessness. it was mere hours before Christopher Price sent up this Garfield minus Garfield Plus Monster . What’s next? […]

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