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Devendra Banhart Update

October 29th, 2009 by Kevin Murphy · 30 Comments

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Okay, NOW What the Hell?!

January 6th, 2009 by Kevin Murphy · 48 Comments

Man.  I turn my back from the mass media for one minute and another startling conspiracy surfaces.  Why am I the one who has to unmask the real identity of prolific, brilliant, half-mad author Neil Gaiman? Why didn’t anyone else see this coming?  Why am I the only one to realize that Neil is actually […]

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Bad Song of the Week

June 17th, 2008 by Kevin Murphy · 64 Comments

Thanks again to my niece Laurel, who combs the airwaves to find the juiciest musical nits. Apologies in advance for the ad accompanying the video. This week: Gretchen Wilson: REDNECK WOMAN   Believe me when I say I don’t look down on Gretchen Wilson, primarily because if I did she might hit me with her […]

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Bad Song of the Week

June 2nd, 2008 by Kevin Murphy · 42 Comments

Recently I commissioned my niece Laurel to comb the airwaves for the very worst in popular song, what Lucille Ball might call “poopular.” Laurel is exceedingly qualified for her task, being a young college student who commutes to school and work and listens to local radio stations offering Solid Rock, Real Country, and Hot Grooves […]

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Why The Heck Am I the Only One Who Catches These Things?!

May 28th, 2008 by Kevin Murphy · 15 Comments

I’m sure we’ve all heard about the kerfuffle caused by former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan’s memoir about his tenure in the West Wing. Well perhaps the Administration should take a closer look at who it is they’re actually hiring next time! Sure, now you make the connection. By the way, I’m available to […]

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He Was a Very Good Frank.

May 14th, 2008 by Kevin Murphy · 21 Comments

Died ten years ago today. As a singer, I feel I have some measly credential to say that he had a hell of a voice. I can’t vouch for whether he was a nice guy or a jerk, I never met the man. But I can tell you that a lot of horn players wished […]

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Dinner! Who’s Hungry for a Busnip?

May 13th, 2008 by Kevin Murphy · 13 Comments

Only because some of you seem to have a weak stomach regarding our penchant for cross-celebrity mutations, I present the American Purple-top “Gary” Busnip hybrid (Corbett cultivar). With a stronger, more pungent taste than other varieties, the Busnip is commonly baked, occasionally steamed , but perhaps most popular when smashed, spiked with good-quality vodka, and […]

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A Ringing Endorsement

March 17th, 2008 by Kevin Murphy · 9 Comments

I’m not one to toot our horn around here at Rifftrax (unless it’s a nose flute, but more about that later) but today we received a very nice review from Veronica Belmont, Host of the webcast Mahalo Daily and voted Sexiest Geek of the Year. This is flattering on many levels. First, as a woman […]

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ResembleFest Results…Fest.

February 20th, 2008 by Kevin Murphy · 24 Comments

First of all, thanks to all of you who feel that I may or may not resemble one person or another. Without you, this exercise would merely be annoying and self-indulgent. After asking you to suggest people that, in spite of my best efforts, I look nothing like, you sent in thousands (dozens) of wonderful […]

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ResembleFest Update

February 12th, 2008 by Kevin Murphy · 20 Comments

After my stunning declaration that I am not now nor have never been Canadian frontman Randy Bachman, the images of people who don’t remotely resemble me in any way have been rolling in. ResembleFest (I created that title) is underway! Hundreds (dozens) of you have sent in images of people that you certainly don’t think […]

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I Am Not Randy Bachman. Period.

February 8th, 2008 by Kevin Murphy · 88 Comments

Okay, Let’s get something straight right away: I’m not, nor have I ever been, legendary rock guitarist Randy Bachman. Never sang “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet,” Don’t know the words to “Let It Ride,” can barely fake it through “Got No Time.” I don’t play guitar very well at all. I’m not even Canadian. That’s […]

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